Canada's Largest Inventory of Driveline Parts!

Our engineering staff and technicians will design and manufacture the precise universal joint driveshaft you require. Whether it is a closed yoke or a split bearing cap design, we will deliver the exact shaft system needed. For example, our innovative carbon-fiber composite driveshafts are an excellent solution for long-span or high-speed applications.

For specific applications demanding huge torque capacities or exact long bearing life — our design team is ready to work for you.

Engineering and Design Consultation

With design software our staff is able to analyze the geometry, alignments, clearance and feasibility of various driveline and powertrain configurations before specifying the final components. We help our clients choose their final power transmission system including driveline, gearbox, power take-off and pump drive. If needed, we will also custom design and manufacture new original driveshafts to meet the size, speed and power requirements of our OEM and commercial clients.

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities set us apart from the marketplace and allow us to supply driveshafts for very specialized applications. Our expertise in original driveline manufacturing gives our clients in the oilfield, forestry, pulp & paper, and agricultural industries a product that is designed only with its application in mind.