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High Strength 4340 Chromium Molybdenum Steel Shaft

4340 steel provides exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and withstands extreme torque loads for demanding off-road riding.

Wider Swing Angles

These heavy duty axles can operate at large swing angles. Generally after a lift kit or larger tires are added, OEM axles are not up to the task of handling the added angles and pressure. This often leads to weakening and eventual breakage of the axles. The heavy duty axles are designed to handle these extreme angles.

Larger Diameter of the Axle and CV Joints

The heavy duty axles are engineered to have larger diameter shafts and CV joint’s making them perform extremely well under the stress of high-powered motors and aggressive tires.

Precision CNC Machined Surface

Precision manufactured and polished components provide superior balance, dynamic range (over 40o drive angle) and overall operating performance.

Induction Heat-Treated Bearings

Hardened bearing surfaces reduce friction and increase CV joint strength and durability. Temperature resistant, high pressure Molybdenum grease extends CV joint life.

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